Lyme Disease Awareness

rmv a tickLyme Disease is one of the fastest-growing tick-borne diseases and the most common vector-borne illness in humans in the United States. It is a bacterial infection that is spread by the deer tick, so even though people and dogs can be affected, it cannot be transmitted between species.

Clinical signs of Lyme Disease include lameness, loss of appetite, fever, stiffness, joint pain/swelling, and lethargy. These symptoms can resemble many other diseases. At Countryside, Lyme Disease and other tick-borne disease testing is performed in combination with every routine Heartworm test.

There is a Lyme Disease epidemic in the Northeast United States. In these high-risk areas, 75% of unvaccinated dogs will test positive for Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease cases have been reported in all 48 of the contiguous United States. Every year this disease increases in numbers and expands geographically. In Florida, 1 out of 140 dogs tested positive for Lyme Disease in 2015. With almost 1500 reported cases, that’s 3 times the number of cases since 2011.

Your dog should be vaccinated for Lyme Disease if they live in a home next to wildlife areas, have a yard with tall brush, spend time in wooded areas, or travel to high-risk areas. At Countryside, a full physical exam is performed with every vaccine at no additional charge.

Protect your dog from tick diseases by adding tick control to your dog’s preventative care. Countryside offers money saving mail-in rebates, free doses, and free shipping on tick prevention products such as Frontline topical, Seresto collars, Preventic collars, and Bravecto chewable.