Dr. Courtney Payne

Team Countryside since: 2017

Dr. Payne graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and graduated with honors from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Before vet school she worked with both large and small animals as a technician. As a veterinarian, she worked at an emergency clinic before coming to Countryside. You can expect her to practice efficient and through treatments on all of her patients. Along with her interest in continuing emergency medicine, Dr. Payne offers her expertise in internal medicine and exotic patient care.

Dr. Payne was born and raised in Florida. She loves living the beach life in New Smyrna with her boyfriend and 2 dogs. They enjoy spending time outdoors, boating, and scuba diving. She also likes horseback riding and attending events with her retired racehorse Els. Dr. Payne travels as often as possible to places like Costa Rica, Galapagos, Spain, Italy, Budapest, and Prague. She also often visits Ocala where her family lives and owns a restaurant.