UPDATE: Almost 3 and half years ago my little girl Thumper jumped from the floor to the couch and slipped her disc. At the time I did not have the money for surgery so Countryside Animal Clinic suggested that I try laser therapy. I am proud to say this is now May 26th, 2016 and she is walking and playing. She has not gotten her jumping back, but that’s okay. She has her good days and bad, but if it was not for the great staff and doctors she wouldn’t be where she is today. Thank you so much. We worked very hard for her to be where we are today.

In September 2012, Thumper jumped up to get on the couch the next thing I knew she could not walk. Right away I took her to Countryside Animal Clinic of Deland and saw Dr. Lisa Hamang. I was very scared and upset because my puppy was not herself, so the doctor put her on medications and told me to keep her from doing a lot of moving. After about 2 weeks, I talked to Dr. Hamang about the laser therapy, and she told me Thumper was a good candidate to have this done.  I understand each dog is different on how fast they recover. Sandy is the best, and so is the whole staff, I would never take my puppy anywhere else. We still have a long way to go, but my goal is to get her well because Thumper and I travel with my husband who is a semi driver. Its been very hard for us not being on the road with my husband, so the goal is to have her running and walking and getting back to being a trucker dog. Thanks again!

Dunkin Donut

We brought Dunkin Donut into Countryside Animal Clinic in December 2014, he was unable to walk or stand. Thanks to laser therapy and antibiotics/medications he continues to get better with each treatment. Thank you Countryside for everything. He is our precious boy!

The Herring Family